Fez Mangal

I can’t believe I haven’t posted about Fez Mangal yet! When I’m tired of cooking or completely broke (every end of the month, or half of it, to be honest) I always end up at my little Fez. Fez is that kind of place where you’ll always feel like home. (Certainly because it’s close to my home too).

Fez Mangal is a Turkish bbq restaurant. Definitely the best in town (according to anyone who has been through its glass door, the mayor of London and Orlando Bloom (yes, our favourite Pirate)).

I used to travel often to Turkey as one of my best friend is from Istanbul and what always kept me fascinated about this beautiful country is the FOOD. I have never eaten so many delicious meals. Lots of mediterranean mezze and succulent meat and fish hot dishes (and don’t forget the fell-from-heaven turkish breakfast). So if I tell you that Fez Mangal is (almost) as good as the food you’ll find in Turkey itself, you MUST believe me!

Own by Turkish, they prepare real dishes from their homeland, and not only kebab. I was so happy to discover a piece of this amazing country just next door!


Go there with empty lumps, because you’ll want to exchange the oxygen inside them with the savoury bbq smell coming out of their charcoal cooking spot.

Hoummos and Tabouleh are a must-eat while waiting for your main dish.

I highly recommend all of their yogurtlu selection. Specially the Iskender one. What is yogurtlu? Well, it is quite easy to guess one of it ingredient: yogurt! It is composed by a layer of their pita bread soak with butter, a layer of meat (select your favourite one) and topped with their special tomato sauce and a generous spoon of yogurt. Mix it a enjoy! I used to eat that a LOT in Istanbul.

Their skewers are excellent. Try the Adana one.

And don’t forget to bring your own bottle of wine, this BYOB place doesn’t sell alcoholic beverage and doesn’t charge for corking!

Be prepare to wait a bit as Fez is very popular. Maybe too much as at some late evenings some of their meat is completely over! But the waiting is worth it as you will happily see your delicious meat cooking right in front of you! The only thing that makes the waiting unbearable is the impatience you’ll feel to have a bite of your turkish delight.

Oh, and I almost forget, it is really cheap! Even more if you opt for the take away option (place the order by phone, so you won’t have to wait).

Afiyet Olsun!

Fez Mangal (website)

104 Ladbroke Grove, London W11 1PY (map)

0207 229 3010




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