There is some Opium hidden in Chinatown

By now, you should know my (unhealthy) obsession of hidden bars, speakeasy style. Well… I found a new gem that I kept secret till now (shame on me).

So let’s talk about my new favourite bar in London.

Do you like dim sum? Do you enjoy crazy cocktails? Do you appreciate watching the magical ability of mixologists doing their thing just in front of you? Are you craving for a night-out in Asia?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, Opium is the right place for you. This new bar hidden in one of the most electric street of Chinatown win over my heart.

First of all, don’t forget to book a table ( – 020 7734 7276) as this place gets very crowded. My first advice would be to insist on having a table on the third floor (don’t accept no as an answer) and to enjoy the experiment better, ask to be seated at the bar. This way you’ll be able to enjoy the show of the two friendly bartender. Bruce and Robin (well, I named the second bartender Robin… as Bruce was kind of Cocktail Batman and his name fits him perfectly) are extremely nice and experts in mixology, don’t hesitate to chat with them.

My second advice would be to try all of their cocktails. Hahaha. The menu changes constantly so it could be possible that your favourite cocktail won’t be available next time. So why take the risk?

Each cocktail is a mix of many different flavour, each of it giving you the feeling of being lost somewhere in China trying some weird new delicate flavours.

But what I love the most is how they present these concoctions. The Hong Kong Long Island Iced Tea comes in a real teapot to share with someone. The Opium Cocktail comes in a Mate gourd with the traditional metal straw. And they use a lot of dry ice in their cocktails. You know, those little ice-cubes whom make a lot of smoke and give a fun and mystical aspect to the drink!












And don’t forget to try their dim sums. Very tasty! It is always nice to have something to bite on after a few drinks. Like always, don’t be selfish and don’t forget to share your food!

The menu is not very extensive but I am sure you’ll find something that will charm you.

In conclusion, Opium is a comfy bar, perfect for a date, a quick drink before dinner or a nice after-work cocktail.

Opium (website)

The Jade Door, 15-16 Gerrard Street, Chinatown W1D 6JE (map) – 020 7734 7276






Opium (website)

The Jade Door, 15-16 Gerrard Street, Chinatown W1D 6JE (map) – 020 7734 7276