It’s Tapas Time!

Spring has always been the perfect time to enjoy tapas! When the sun is shining and the heat is making you sweat, the only thing I can think about is enjoying a nice terrace while sipping a cold glass of white wine with nice little bites of food. I know we have been experiencing the worst spring of all time but let’s forget about the crazy weather for a while and enjoy a nice Tapas break to make us feel just like if spring was here and we were enjoying the spanish heat.

Tapas are mostly appreciated when you are craving for a lot of different flavours or when don’t know what to pick but are not that hungry at the same time. Tapas will allow you to eat just a bit but you will feel replete as you will have eaten a lot of different things. And isn’t it nice to share your food with friends, family or lovers? I like tapas for that, having a huge platter in the middle of the table for everyone to enjoy. Tapas are the flavour of Spain with its cheerfulness and its generosity.

My roommate JB introduced me to this cute little tapas bar in Soho: Fernandez & Wells. They have 5 venues in London, each of it of different size and atmosphere and even selling different food.

The one in Lexington street is very small but extremely cosy and intimist. Perfect for a catch-up drink with your best friend or a quick date with your lover.

From the outside you will be directly appealed by the huge hams hanging from the ceilings. They were as they looked like: delicious! The wine-list is impressive for a small place like that. The (hispanic) staff is very friendly and helpful. And the food was very nice, if you are a big fan of ham and cheese!






After a short reflection JB and I went for the cheese platter and the meat one. We also shared a Mozzarella di Buffala.

The menu is very simple. The food presentation too, which makes you really feel that you are in some traditional place in Spain enjoying good local products.

I liked Fernandez & Wells for their simplicity and generous food. It’s an ideal place for a nice quiet break.

But don’t expect Tortillas and Pulpo a la Gallega, this tiny bar offers a nice selection of hams (have a taste of the Bellota ham, it is as delicious as its reputation) and cheeses. With some marinated anchovies, Grilled Chorizo, Pimientos del padron and some easy eggs dishes.

I couldn’t wait to take G here. This crazy sad spring has been really bad on his spanish roots… And I’m glad to say that Fernandez & Wells managed to gave him that nice warm feeling of being back home!















Fernandez & Wells (website)