Edinburgh, or the mussels lovers heaven. (Part 2 – Food and Drinks)

I hope you enjoyed the first post about Edinburgh and the Highlands.

Now let’s get serious and talk about what we love the most: FOOD!

We went to plenty of restaurants during our staying, so I’ll list them. I’ll add some nice places to have drinks and to party. Expect to read a lot about mussels as Edinburgh is known for them and as you probably already noticed, I love seafood!

This tiny restaurant is all about France. Even the staff is French! So expect good wine and good cheese. No pretention at all is given which makes it very homey. Everything was delicious and the staff very warm. Here are the highlights:

I loved:

- The Truffle Kir: White Wine with a hint of Truffle, de-li-ci-ous and surprising.

- Moules Marinière au bleu: Mussels in a blue cheese sauce, I can say that surprisingly these were the best mussels we had during the whole week-end. And we tried A LOT of them, even in specialised restaurants.

- The atmosphere: old french ads all over the place gives it an authentic look.


IMG_3017 IMG_3018











This is certainly one of the most beautiful gastronomic restaurants I have ever been. The venue is magical. Right next to Edinburgh Castle in the Old Town. Everything is made to perfection. The atmosphere is very classy and romantic. With dark wooden walls, silverware and silver candlesticks. Staff treats you as you were a real important guest.I can’t find anything that I didn’t like about this place. It is very expensive but they have a three-course set menu at only £30! Which is incredibly cheap for the quality you get. One of us gave it a try and was very satified with it in spite of the portion size that are quite small. The rest of our happy team and myself ordered à la carte and of course, portions were way bigger!
In conclusion: all of us were completely satisfied with the Witchery experience.

I loved:

- The wine list. Very impresive. You will find exactly what you are in the mood for.

- The SeaFood platter: yummy! I’ll go back just for it!

-The venue and the staff: extremely lovely!
















So this is THE place to go if you are craving for mussels. Mussel Inn have won awards and is very busy all day long. So don’t forget to call and book. The New Town restaurant is very simply decorated with dark blue and fish all over the place. They have any kind of seafood you want with a large selection of mussels, of course! Prices are completely affordable. I definitely recommend this place if you are in Edinburgh. Everything looks really fresh and taste delicious.

I loved:

-The large selection of mussels. My 1kg blue cheese mussels were delicious!

-The Creamy Seawoon Chowder: incredible! Very tasty with a lot of seafood in it! I’ll go back just for it!








We headed to Loudon on Sunday (very) late morning to get some brunch. We had to wait a bit as they were very busy but were offered to grab a coffee on their terrace meanwhile. The place is friendly, with students working on their papers, girls having their weekly gossip time and families with children enjoying a nice Sunday. The place reminded me a lot of Stockholm’s coffee houses with light wooden furniture and this special atmosphere they have that makes you feel like you stepped in a very healthy place. The food was just what we needed to start a new day after a night out.

I loved:

-The Swedish spirit.

-The Eggs Benedict with Bacon and Spinach.

-The table filled with any type of cakes you wished.






The last day we had a nice lunch at La P’tite Folie on Frederick Street. Again, a french restaurant! I don’t know how that many french people ended up in Edinburgh! They are all over the place! Well, certainly because, let’s be honest, french food is way tastier than the traditional Haggis (that I didn’t dare to try). As always I took the mussels! But everything was fine and the french waitress was really lovely.

I loved:

-The friendly staff.

-The charming little restaurant.

-The price: cheap.





This pretentious place was a bit of a disappointment for me. The place gives you high expectatives about the food that weren’t fulfilled. We went there for (guess what!) mussels! They were very tiny and the sauce wasn’t that good. The place is very beautiful though.

I loved:

-The place. It’s an old restaurant with high ceilings, red velvet and its own personality.

-The selection of sauce for mussels. Only four of them from the classic one (white wine and shallots) to some more exotic (Coconut, chilli, ginger and coriander)!





  • What about drinks and party?

- One thing that I admire is how adorable Scottish people are! Behind their hard to understand rough accent they are extremely nice and lovely. So friendly that we easily ended up in a cab with a random guy taking us to the best club in Edinburgh.

That magical place is The Cabaret Voltaire.

If you like electronic music, hipster crowd and underground-like places, Cabaret Voltaire is the right place to be. The music was exactly what I listen to and the crowd was filled with drunken lovely trendy scottish (what a weird combination of adjectives). This IS the place-to-be.

One side of the place is the club and the other, the bar. The bar is extremely nice too. Good cocktails that will make you dance till the end of the night on the music played by some local djs.

I can honestly say that I fell in love with Cabaret Voltaire and I wish I could bring it back with me to Notting Hill!

- We also went to The Jazz Bar, an other trendy place for nighst out in ecclectic Edinburgh. Bring your dance shoes and expect a live band making everybody jump. If you want a piece of advice, don’t try to climb on the stage (they didn’t appreciate my dancing moves on there… I wonder why!)

Enjoy Edinburgh as much as I did. I will definitely go back with a trained liver. Scottish really knows how to eat and party!!