About your intruder

Hello readers ! Let me introduce myself as a first post ! Cuba – How could you say no to this ? People calls me Maggie, I was born 24 years ago in… Continue reading

The Drowned Man, or why immersive theatre is my new love. Hurry up, it’s almost over!

Have you heard of The Drowned Man? Has someone you know seen it, tried to explain it to you and failed to give a proper description? Don’t be too hard on him/her, The… Continue reading


I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post! So how have you been? Did 2014 started well for you all? Your intruder is back, and is here to stay! To… Continue reading

Exciting 2014 almost there!

Hello my dear intruders! As usual, I have been travelling ultimately… Cuba and my dear Switzerland!   Don’t be jealous, I only tanned a bit in my two weeks in my super island!… Continue reading

The Hidden Brasserie, Zedel

Your parents are in town and you don’t know where to take them? An other gen hidden in the middle on London, somewhere underneath Piccadilly and Regent street is the perfect place for… Continue reading

Poor little underwater living things, why are you so tasty? Fish! at Borough Market.

If you want to buy nice products for a special diner, don’t forget to have a look at Borough Market (read my post about it here). But after walking a few minutes in… Continue reading

Fez Mangal

I can’t believe I haven’t posted about Fez Mangal yet! When I’m tired of cooking or completely broke (every end of the month, or half of it, to be honest) I always end… Continue reading

Electric(ity) is in the air. (French saying)

What’s best to relax after a huge day of work or a rainy afternoon than watching a movie in a comfy sofa, with a cosy blanket and a glass of wine? Or even… Continue reading

Hakkasan deliciousness

I just realised how long it has been since my last post! I apologize for that! I have been travelling a lot. But no worries I have been eating a lot too (and… Continue reading

There is some Opium hidden in Chinatown

By now, you should know my (unhealthy) obsession of hidden bars, speakeasy style. Well… I found a new gem that I kept secret till now (shame on me). So let’s talk about my… Continue reading

It’s Tapas Time!

Spring has always been the perfect time to enjoy tapas! When the sun is shining and the heat is making you sweat, the only thing I can think about is enjoying a nice… Continue reading

The Nutcracker

As a Christmas gift, I offered G (and myself) tickets to the Royal Opera House to see my favourite ballet: The Nutcracker. The Nutcracker is a lovely Christmas story which will make you… Continue reading

The “I’m not sure of what I’m in the mood for” solution: Sketch

Organising some drinks and not sure about what your guests are in the mood for? Sketch is the solution for this kind of situation. Sketch is a complex place with many different atmospheres.… Continue reading

Edinburgh, or the mussels lovers heaven. (Part 2 – Food and Drinks)

I hope you enjoyed the first post about Edinburgh and the Highlands. Now let’s get serious and talk about what we love the most: FOOD! We went to plenty of restaurants during our… Continue reading

Edinburgh, or the mussels lovers heaven. (Part 1 – the city and the Loch Ness)

For Christmas, G offered me a weekend in Edinburgh! So we headed up there middle of February for 4 days of fun, food and freezing cold! Edinburgh is a very beautiful city with… Continue reading


Hello my dear followers! As you may know thanks to The London Intruder Facebook page I have been very quiet those weeks as I am right now in Tokyo! If you want to… Continue reading

Love is in the taste buds

Happy Valentine’s day ! Today is the celebration of love. So forget about everything and spend the evening with your boyfriend/girlfriend, and if you are living the crazy life of a single young… Continue reading

For oyster lovers (and the others).

For Oyster lovers I recommend you try The Commander Bar in Notting Hill. This nice and spacious restaurant close to Westbourne Grove offers a nice bar area and an oyster bar. The Commander… Continue reading

Market for foodies – Borough Market

Hello my dear foodies! A few days ago, G and I wanted to get some real good food to cook home, something like Whole Food but fun. Since I moved to London I… Continue reading